Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Haunted House

Skull Candle Spell (1)

The other night, I was rootworking in my room.  A skull candle was burning on the altar.  The air was a cloud of incense.

At midnight, all alone, my closed door started vibrating and shaking like hell.  It looked like an haunted house.

I took my pendulum and asked:

"Is a spirit doing this???" The answer was a very clear "No."

"Do I have negative entities here?"  The answer was "No."

"Do I have benevolent spirits here?"  The answer was "Yes." [Thank you!  :-)]

The violent rattling of my door stopped and only the silence of the night remained.  The skull candle was happily burning and smiling at me as skulls always do.

Skull Candle Spell (2) 

I finished my spell work, washed my hands, brushed my teeth, had a glass of water and went to sleep.

Next morning, after listening to the news, my son came and asked: "Dad, did you hear what they said on the radio?  There was an EARTHQUAKE last night!  A light one, just a few moments, around midnight."

Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! 

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Preparing a Mojo Bag

Preparing a Prosperity mojo bag (1)

On a Thursday, day of Jupiter, at Jupiter's planetary hour, I fixed a Prosperity mojo bag for a client of mine. From my point of view, Prosperity doesn't mean just “money”, but also good business, satisfaction, fulfillment, personal realization, etc.
When I make a custom mojo bag, I like to use my pendulum to choose the ingredients. In this case, I took the related list of herbs, roots and minerals included in the book “Hoodoo Herbs and Root Magic” by Catherine Yronwode, and dowsed it with my pendulum.

My dowsing indicated four suitable herbs for this mojo bag, plus a lodestone, magnetic sand and a lock of hair of the client. In the same way, I also chose one of the Pentacles of Jupiter included in “The Greater Key of Solomon,” and printed it on parchment paper. I wrote my petition on the back of the Pentacle.

I hand made the red flannel bag by myself. Especially for women, I like to fix small mojo bags, so they can put them in the bra or in a pocket.

Preparing a Prosperity mojo bag (2) 

When all the ingredients were ready, I started the ritual.

First of all, I consecrated the Pentacle of Jupiter and anointed it with a mixture of Lodestone oil, Money Drawing oil and Van Van oil (I also choose the oils with my pendulum).  After that, I “baptized” the lodestone with the name “Prosperity”, anointed it with the mentioned oils and fed it with magnetic sand.

Having done so, I carefully filled the bag with the different items and breathed inside to awaken it to life.  I closed the bag with the string as tight as I could.

I "smoked" the mojo with incense and passed it over the flame of a green candle.  I said prayers, dressed the mojo bag with the mentioned mixture of oils and offered it at the feet of Maximon's statue.


The Mojo Bag is now fixed, ready to bring Prosperity and Joy to my dear client.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Removing Malocchio (Evil Eye)

Pulcinella eating Maccheroni

In the folk magic tradition of Southern Italy, people are very concerned with the risk of becoming a victim of Malocchio (Evil Eye). This is the power attributed to certain persons of inflicting injury or bad luck by a simple envious or ill-wishing look.

In Naples, we still have some specialists who neutralize the Malocchio (the so called Scartellati or hunchbacked). With the help of a fumigation of incense and the repetition of some magic formulas in Neapolitan dialect, they clean the places and people from the ill influence of the Evil Eye.

We tried those rites, and they are helpful, not only in eliminating the Malocchio, but also in removing all negativity and bad luck. They are the Italian equivalent of the spiritual cleansing rites in Hoodoo and of the Latin American limpias.

How to do it

First of all you will need a censer or thurible. Any incense burner swung on chains will do the job, but if you want to do it in the traditional way you will have to make it by yourself. You only need an empty tomato tin and a piece of wire. The final result will be this:

Neapolitan Folk Censer

The use is very simple.  Light a charcoal disc.  Place it in the censer and burn a pinch of frankincense on it. Swinging the tin from the wire you will produce more or less the same effect of a church thurible.

Before placing the charcoal disc, I fill the censer with a couple of inches of pebbles covered by a piece of aluminium foil. This will avoid an excess of heat at the bottom of the metal tin when burning the charcoal.

When you are ready and a generous amount of smoke is coming out of your censer, open the windows of your house and, swinging your home made thurible, fumigate both the place and people, trying to reach with your smoke the most hidden parts of the house.

While doing this, you will have to recite the Neapolitan conjuration.  OK, if you are not from Naples you will have to practice a bit before, but it is worthwhile.

To help you in this task, I put here the original Neapolitan formula, the English translation (for your information) and a beautiful mp3 of a splendid young Neapolitan Witch reciting the original conjuration. The mp3 will help you in learning the proper pronunciation of the Neapolitan text.

You can transcribe this formula on a booklet or paper, hold it in one hand and read it while you are swinging the thurible with the other hand.

Sciò sciò ciucciuvè (the formula)

Faccio stu bello 'ncienzo
primm 'a sta Mamma e po 'a sta Figlia,
e po' a 'sta bella casa, ca 'o bene pe' ccà trase,
e po 'a sta bella porta, ca 'o bene pe' ccà se porta.

Venite, gente, da luntana via, arrechi' 'sta casa mia,
comm li Magge purtavano alla Capanna oro , 'ncienzo e mirra.

Uocchie, maluocchie e frutticiell' 'e ll'uocchie:
ascite, maluocchie sicche, ca ve ne caccio
cu 'o 'ncienzo beneditto.

Sciò sciò ciucciuvè!

Uocchie, maluocchie e frutticiell' 'e ll'uocchie,
aglio, fravaglio, fattura ca nun quaglia,
corne e bicorne, cape'e alice e cape d'aglio...

Diavulillo diavulillo, jesce a dint'o pertusillo...
sciò sciò ciucciuvè... jatevenne, sciò sciò...

Sciò sciò ciucciuè, jesceten ra casa mia,
corn e bicorn, corn e stracorn,
uocchie sicche, code e' vacche.

Sciò sciò ciucciuvè!

Uocchie, maluocchie e frutticiell' 'e ll'uocchie!
Ascite, maluocchie sicche, ca ve ne caccio
cu 'o 'ncienzo beneditto.

Sciò sciò ciucciuvè!


I smoke with this beautiful incense
first this Mother, then this Daughter,
then this beautiful House, to make the Good come in
then this beautiful Door, so the Good will be brought here,

Come, people, from those distant paths, bring in this house of mine,
like the Magi brought in the hut, gold, incense and myrrh.

Eyes, Evil Eyes and iris round and colored as small fruits:
go away, dry Evil Eyes, because I chase you with the blessed incense.

Shoo Shoo, Bird of Ill Omen [burrowing owl]
Eyes, Evil Eyes and iris round and colored as small fruits:
garlic, small fishes, curse which can't be worked out
horns and double horns, head of anchovy and clove of garlic.

Little devil, little devil, go out of this small hole.
Shoo Shoo, Bird of Ill Omen! Go away, Shoo Shoo...
Shoo Shoo, Bird of Ill Omen! Go out of my house,
horns and double horns, horns and extra horns 
dry eyes and tails of cows
Shoo Shoo, Bird of Ill Omen! 

Eyes, Evil Eyes and iris round and colored as small fruits!
Go away, dry Evil Eyes, because I chase you with the blessed incense.

Shoo Shoo, Bird of Ill Omen!

Ok folks, now you have all the tools to start your new 
career of Neapolitan Scartellato.

GOOD LUCK ;-) !!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Break Up Spell

A jar of vinegar with a fixed lemon for a Break Up Spell

In my spellwork I never harm people. Anyway, there are particular situations which require a Break Up Spell.

When needed, I do like this: I use a lemon divided in 2 parts, with inside the names of the 2 persons, black cat hair, black dog hair, red pepper and a Pentacle of Saturn. I tie the lemon with a black thread and seal it with black candle wax.

I put the lemon in a jar with vinegar, and burn one or more black candles on top of the lid. The black candles are dressed wih "Confusion Oil" and/or "Break Up Oil".

The Break Up Spell (with the help of the Mayan Folk Saint Rey Pascual)

This spell won't harm the persons, but it will make them fight like "cats and dogs" and will sour their relationship.

Rev. Fred -

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Spell

Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Spell (1)

Tonight I decide to work a Spiritual Cleansing (Limpia) and a Protection spell on myself. I ask the help of Maximon, and I use also a Rose of Jericho and a Cross of Caravaca. I put several crystals around the Rose of Jericho and on the Mesa Espiritual.

Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Spell (2)

The candles are black, white and tallow (sebo in Spanish), and are ideal to clean my spiritual body and put a strong protection around me, eliminating violence, jealousy and negativity in general.

Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Spell (3)
Inside the Rose of Jericho, I put a vial with some hair from my breast. In other words, I put myself in the middle of the spell.

To fix the work, I say this prayer in latin to the Cross of Caravaca (from the book La Santa Cruz de Caravaca - Tesoro de Oraciones):

Crux mihi certa salus
Crux est quam semper adoro
Crux mi refugium
Crux Domini mecum

The Cross of Caravaca and the vial with my hair are inside the Rose of Jericho

At the end I check with my pendulum: everything went for the best :-)!

Rev. Fred -

Monday, February 6, 2012

Prosperity and Attraction Spell

This is another kind of spell, where physical attraction and love meet business: a beautiful young  lady works as an hostess in a night club, and wants to attract wealthy male clients. She earns a commission per client, so she needs to be as attractive and charming as possible...


Prosperity and Attraction Spell for a night club hostess 

I basically have to increase her magnetism (power of attraction),  sex appeal and prosperity.

I prepare also this spell in a Mayan  style, with the help of el Duende Diego. His statue is red (love), and the color of the Mesa Espiritual green (prosperity and money.)

The candles are red (love, passion and sex appeal), green and sky-blue (business, prosperity and money, in the Mayan color system.)

I burn 2 different types of incense (crafted by myself): "Money Drawing" and "Love Incense". I use 3 different condition oils: "Money Drawing", Follow Me Boy" and "Van Van" (all produced by Lucky Mojo company).

The crystal in the middle of the candles (with the photo of the client and the petition paper)  amplifies the energy of the spell.

I use Mayan prayers (in K’iche’ language and in Spanish.)

The candles burn very well, and the energy is at the top. At the end the red candle leaves a red spot of wax: it has the shape of an heart!

Thank you Duende Diego for your help!

Rev. Fred -

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Honey Jar Spell with el Duende Diego

Preparation of the spell

Today I am fixing an honey jar spell for a client who wants to reunite with her ex-lover. As ingredients I use an honey jar (of course), a "petition paper", the personal concerns of the persons, two lodestones with magnetic sand, a Pentacle of Venus and a variety of love herbs and oils. All the ingredients are smoked with a love incense that I hand made with mortar and pestle.

I work with the Mayan Spirit Duende Diego, using his red statue. Red (love and passion) is the dominant color of the work. On the altar there are also two small statues of Maximon.

The Honey Jar Spell (with Maximon and Duende Diego)

After consecrating and closing the jar, I burn a red candle on top of it. The candle is dressed with honey. I pray Nawal  Aj,  the Mayan Spirit  of today, and Duende Diego.

May these two lovers be reunited forever. AMEN!

Rev. Fred -