Saturday, February 11, 2012

Break Up Spell

A jar of vinegar with a fixed lemon for a Break Up Spell

In my spellwork I never harm people. Anyway, there are particular situations which require a Break Up Spell.

When needed, I do like this: I use a lemon divided in 2 parts, with inside the names of the 2 persons, black cat hair, black dog hair, red pepper and a Pentacle of Saturn. I tie the lemon with a black thread and seal it with black candle wax.

I put the lemon in a jar with vinegar, and burn one or more black candles on top of the lid. The black candles are dressed wih "Confusion Oil" and/or "Break Up Oil".

The Break Up Spell (with the help of the Mayan Folk Saint Rey Pascual)

This spell won't harm the persons, but it will make them fight like "cats and dogs" and will sour their relationship.

Rev. Fred -


  1. It's easy spell , it effective?How long burn candles up in the jar?

  2. just did this. was hhard to find a good size jar to fit the lemon in.. had to dump some pickels lol

  3. also which pentacle of saturn? there is a few.. i used the 2nd pentacle because it seemed fitting